Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kicking Off Vlogtember 2014

Hello September! Hello Vlogtember!

Summer is almost over...I can't believe it! Time sure does fly. September is here and in Indiana we are still enjoying some summer weather. Fall isn't quite here. This month I will be vlogging! If you aren't familiar with "vlogging", it's basically a daily video blog. 

September is going to be a great month! I have lots of fun things planned, including a visit from my dad. I look forward to sharing my days with you! Go ahead and pop on over to my YouTube channel, audreyswifelife, and subscribe to receive notifications when I post a new video!

I hope you enjoy Vlogtember!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cruise Planning Series: Cruise Information & Documents

Welcome to my cruise planning series. I will be posting a series of blog posts and YouTube videos that will walk you through some of my cruising tips and show you a detailed look at my cruise vacation folder, as well as sharing all of the printable lists with you. I hope you enjoy this series. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Let's take a look inside my cruise planning folder! The first page of my binder is a title page, followed by a Table of Contents. You can download the table of contents here, or by clicking on the "printables" tab above. Following the Table of Content is my Cruise Itinerary and my Pre-cruising Information section, which includes my list of Cruising Dos and Don'ts.  We have already talked about these tips in a previous post.  Now, let's delve into the Cruise Information & Documents section. 
  • First, I have a place for the Cruise Ticket Book that will be ready for you about 30 days prior to departure. Download that page here
  • The next page is one of the most important in the entire binder, it's the Cruise Booking Details page. On this page I include our booking number, cruise itinerary name, passengers, captain's club numbers, stateroom type, stateroom number, embarkation information, departure and arrival information, as well as our travel agency contact information. I reference this sheet the most during my cruise planning and it is very helpful to have all of this information in one place while you are on the ship. You can download an editable version of this sheet here. I also created a PDF version of this sheet, which you can download here.
  • Next is the Cruise Itinerary. The itinerary includes the dates, names of ports, and port arrival and departure times. I like to color code my itinerary - purple denotes arrival and departure of the cruise, blue indicates a day at sea, red signifies a day in port. I created a 7 day and a 14 day version of the cruise itinerary sheet for you. You can download the editable 7 day sheet here and the 14 day editable version here. I also created PDF files, you can download the 7 day version here and the 14 day version here
  • I always like to know a little bit about the ship that we will be sailing on. The next page is a Ship Information page. It includes a picture of the ship, our sailing dates, the ship name, occupancy, length, beam, draught, tonnage, cruise speed and inaugural date. A PDF ship information worksheet is available for you to download here
  • The last piece of information included in this section is Stateroom Information. This sheet includes a floor plan diagram of our stateroom, the stateroom square footage, stateroom number and complete list of all of the amenities that are included with our stateroom. I found all of this information on our cruise line website and I simply copied and pasted it into a word document. I like having all of this information in my folder for planning purposes, but also it is nice to know what your stateroom should include so that you can get the most out of your cruising experience. I do not have a printable for this sheet because it is going to vary from ship to ship. 
Take a look at this video. I walk you through the Cruise Information & Documents section of my cruise planning folder in more detail. 

You can download any of my cruise planning folder printables by clicking on the printables tab above. Please note that these printables are for your personal use only.