Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cruise Planning Series: Cruise Folder Dividers

Welcome to my cruise planning series. I will be posting a series of blog posts and YouTube videos that will walk you through some of my cruising tips and show you a detailed look at my cruise vacation folder, as well as sharing all of the printable lists with you. I hope you enjoy this series. If you have any questions, please let me know! 

After taking several cruises I felt like I wasn't organized and I wanted a place to keep all of my documents and other important travel information. To solve this problem, I developed my own solution - a cruise vacation folder. I spent a lot of time putting this folder together and it proved to be extremely helpful. Having everything in one place made finding any travel information, packing lists and other documents so easy! I divided my folder up into several sections:

  • Title Page
  • Pre-Cruising Information: Information that might be needed before starting to plan
  • Cruise Information & Documents: Any travel documents issued by the cruise line, payment information, cruise itinerary and other documents related to the cruise
  • Cruise Preparation: Things to do before leaving on the cruise, such as planning for excursions 
  • Packing Lists: A comprehensive list of everything that needs to be packed for a successful vacation
  • Travel Information: Airplane travel information, hotel confirmation numbers and any other travel confirmation numbers or itineraries
  • Cruise Diary: A place to keep memorabelia and take notes each day
  • Packing Up: A checklist that will help make sure that you don't leave anything behind when packing up
  • Going Home: Any information or confirmation numbers related to traveling home at the end of the vacation

You can download these dividers here, or by clicking on the printables tab above. Also, download the editable cruise folder title page here, or click on the printables tab. Please note that these printables are for your personal use only. 

*This is not a sponsored post.*

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