Monday, May 12, 2014

Make it Monday: Completed 2013 December Daily

In 2013 I made a December Daily. If you are not familiar with a December Daily, it is a project that documents everyday in December. After taking a picture everyday, at the end of month print your pictures and compile them into a mini album. December Dailies are a fun and quick way to document the holiday season.

This is the first year that I made a December Daily. I took a two step approach to it. At the end of November, I started creating my foundation pages. This was my first step. (You can see how I set those pages up in my December Daily Foundation Pages video) The second step was adding pictures to my foundation pages.

At the beginning of January I looked through my pictures and picked out a few photos that captured each of the 31 days in December. Once my pictures were printed, it was easy! I had the pages already made up so all I had to do was glue in the pictures, add my journaling and a few more embellishments. Because I got carried away with photos and embellishments, my December Daily spans across two albums. This was a really fun project and I will definitely make one for December 2014.


If you would like to see me flip through my December Daily, take a look at this video!

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