Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 Filofax Organization

Whenever a new year rolls around, it is like a fresh start for me. Naturally, planning and organizing the upcoming year’s calendar, schedules and to do lists is important so that I can stay on top of things and start achieving my goals.

How you plan and organize your life is a very personal thing. It needs to be tailored to suit your lifestyle, and be a system that you can keep up with. Last year I tried using an electronic calendar, which ended up being a complete disaster for me. I was missing appointments, my days lacked structure and I wasn’t getting things done. After giving the electronic calendar a fair shot, I knew that I had to go back to the old fashion pencil and paper calendar! I dusted off my trusty Filofax A5 Malden and spent a lot of time revamping my Filofax to come up with the best system for me. This system has been working extremely well and I am excited to share it with you!

Filofax A5 Malden

Color Coding Card and Word Art (Pinterest)

Word Art (Pinterest) and Year at a Glance (Pinterest)

Now let's get into the meat of the planner! I made my own dividers with scrapbook card stock cut to the A5 size, got them laminated at Staples and punched holes. It was inexpensive and adds a personal touch to my Filofax. 
Custom Dividers

The first tab is "Personal Information" which includes detailed personal information, general facts, a password log, goals and a weight tracker sheet.
Printable Password Log


Printable Weight Tracker (Pinterest)

The next section is dedicated to Project Life. This section helps me keep track of my journaling and which pictures I want to use each week. 
Project Life Page Protector Printable

The list section is next, and I LOVE lists! I have a Master To Do List, a Home To Do List, my 100 Things to do in 2014 List from Leonie Dawson and a Books to Read List.
Master To Do List

Home To Do List

100 Things to Do in 2014

Books to Read List

Now for the actual calendar and planning sections!!
I purchased most of the calendar inserts from the Filofax website, however as of now most of them are out of stock. As for the other inserts, I found free Filofax printables on Pinterest! Check out my Filofax Pinterest board to see them.

The first divider is the yearly view. I purchased the vertical yearly planner from the Filofax website.
2014 Vertical Yearly View

Next tab is the month per page view.
Month Per Page

Next up is the day per page view. I use this section the most. This year I ordered the day per page business style. I really like it because the second column is divided into sections, which I find helpful. I used Avery labels to divide each month.
Day Per Page - Business Style

Tabs Diving Each Month

Daily Routine Insert Card

Weekly Routine Insert Card

I am also using my Filofax as my blog planner. I like having everything in one place. The next section is labeled Audrey's Wife Life. It includes my blogging goals, blog to do list, post ideas and a few other inserts to keep track of my blog.
Blog To Do List

Blog Post Ideas

2014 Blogging Goals

Another section of my blog planner is dedicated to my blog posting calendar. I am using the week per page view from Filofax.
Week Per Page View

The final section of my blog planner is social media. This section includes anything to do with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
Social Media

Social Media Tabs

Finally, the last section of my Filofax is travel. I don't have anything in this section other than a world map because I am not planning any trips at the moment. However, as vacations approach this section will be very helpful.
Printable World Map

There you have it! A complete overview of my Filofax and it's current set up! I hope you found this helpful. If you would like a more detailed view of my Filofax, please take a look at my YouTube video. While you are over there, subscribe to my channel for more exciting videos!

As I mentioned, organizing your calendar, schedule and lists is a very personal thing. Everyone has different needs. I like to be very detailed, while others may just need to jot down a few notes in a monthly calendar. The trick to staying on top of life is to find a system that works for you! 

How are you staying organized this year?

*In order to print the inserts to fit the A5 size, I printed more than one page per page and set it to landscape. I still had to trim them down to the exact size.*


  1. You have given me some wonderful ideas for my Filofax. I especially like your daily and weekly routine card and created something similar. What a difference it has made! I have accomplished more in the last two weeks that I've been using it! Also, you look beautiful in your profile pic here!

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  2. Such a inspirational blog!. I am a working mum and housewife in the UK. Glad I came across your page Thank you

  3. Okay. I am officially in love. Everything you need (planner wise) in one spot. Awesome idea!! Heading back to repin this :) TY for sharing!

  4. Hi I just found your blog and I love it :)
    and I love your grey MALDEN a5, Im not able to get that color in Denmark right now...

  5. can you fit all 365 pages and all your other tabs in your a5 malden? i just received mine and am having a hard time adjusting to the lack of space. my planner that i just moved out of was 2 pages per day. i loved the set up and space, but it was just too heavy and bulky to lug around.