Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome to Vlogtober 2013

Hello Fall! Hello October! Hello Vlogtober!

This month I am vlogging everyday (Vlogtober)! *If you aren't familiar with "vlogging", it's basically a daily video blog.*

October is going to be a great month! I look forward to sharing my days with you! Go ahead and pop on over to my YouTube channel (audreyswifelife) and subscribe to receive notifications when I post a new video! I hope you enjoy Vlogtober!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday 10: Fall Cleaning Tips

Top 10 Fall Cleaning Tips
Fall is here, and I am in the middle of my Fall cleaning!
Here's the countdown of my top 10 tips to get you started on your Fall cleaning!
10. Wash ALL of the linens in each room.
Bedding, mattress covers, curtains, throw blankets...
9. Work your way from top to bottom.
Start with the light fixtures, walls and blinds - keep working your way down, eventually to the baseboards. Vacuuming or polishing floors should be the last thing you do to complete the room. Don't forget to vacuum out the closets.
8. Dedicate more time to the room(s) in your home that you use the most.
Chances are that they are the rooms that need the most attention.
7. Start with de-cluttering and organizing the room.
 Look around and donate any items that have accumulated or put them back in their proper place. Pay attention to expiration dates for certain products (like makeup or food) and toss them if they're expired. Also,as you swap out your warm weather clothes for cooler weather clothes, donate any items that you don't want or like or don't fit. Trust me, if you haven't used it in the last 6-12 months, you aren't going to use it/wear it.
6. Start with the easiest room.
You will see the fruits of your labor quickly, and it will spark your motivation to continue your Fall cleaning.

31 Days of Baths!

Taking a bath before bed is the perfect way to end the day. I love getting out of a warm tub, hydrating my skin with body butter, and putting on my jammies! Before I slip under the sheets, I massage a little bit of Fair Trade Foot Lotion on my tootsies, and moisturize my hands with LemonyFlutter Cuticle Butter and Helping Hands Lotion (all from Lush).

This summer, I neglected bath time. But, it is time to get back into my bath time routine now that the weather is cooler.
So…this month I am challenging myself to spend 31 days in the tub enjoying my Lush bath bombs and bubble bars! It is time to dig into my Lush stash and use up my goodies! (Also since I will use up most of my stuff, I will be able to get some new bath goodies just in time for Christmas…hehe!)

I will post daily pictures of my Lush baths on Instagram (audreyswifelife)! If you want to join in the challenge also, I would love to see your pics!