Saturday, May 18, 2013

100 Things To Do In 2013

For over a year, I have diligently worked on improving my mental health and nurturing my soul. It has been difficult - probably one of the most difficult roads that I have traveled. Tackling my depression and anxiety head-on has been, and still is, effort-filled, gut-wrenching and rewarding. Now I can see a glimmer of light shining down on me, and each day that light gets brighter and the belief in myself stronger. I can finally see myself blossoming into the woman that I know I can be.

The concept that life is a journey is a common thread in my counseling, and quite frankly a totally new approach to life. Accepting that life is a journey is hard, but even more difficult is learning to enjoy the journey. Over the past year, I have adopted that mantra - "enjoy the journey". I have a bracelet inscribed with “Embrace the Journey”, it reminds me to preserver and continue my new approach to life. 
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In order to enjoy this journey of life, I decided that want to be an active participant in life. I don't want to sit back and watch life go by anymore. No more sitting idle and wishing that I could do something or waiting for things to fall into my lap! I am ready to jump in, try new things and shape myself as a woman. It is easy to say that I want start doing things, but I didn't really know where to start.

A few years ago, I was blessed with a happy accident provided by Google. Yep, that's right...Google. I searched for "setting goals" and "inspiration", pages of links were returned. While scrolling through the results, I came across Leonie Dawson and her website. Aesthetically, her style appealed to me - what's more, is that her website's content struck me to the core. I decided to purchase her 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner. It is an amazing tool, but my favorite part of the workbook is the section that prompts you to write down 100 things that you want to do in 2013. At first I thought, 100...yeah right. I will be lucky to think of 50, let alone 100 things. Hesitantly, I started my list. It took my several days to finish my list, but I did it! Some are small things and others are on a larger scale.

Writing this post has reminded me of my 100 things! It is already May, and I realize that I may not accomplish ALL of these things this year. But, I am not going to put a time frame on accomplishing my 100 things. Crossing things off my list will be an ongoing journey.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my100 Things to do in 2013:

1. Read Les Misérables
2. Go to a movie alone
3. Start reading the Bible
4. Organize all of my family photos
5. Try Yoga
6. Start a blog
7. Start incorporating exercise into my life
8. Start my weight loss journey
9. Be able to wear a size 10
10. Try cooking new recipes
11. Post YouTube videos on a regular basis
12. Go to a water aerobics class
13. Play the piano more
14. Journal more often

15. Take more baths at the end of the day
16. Develop printables to include on my blog
17. Eat at a restaurant alone
18. Go to church 5 times
19. Watch less television
20. Practice and brush-up on my French
21. Read 1 book in French
22. Read one of the great "Classics"
23. Continue exploring my creativity
24. Develop a better relationship with Mark's parents
25. HHHave date night once a week
26. Invite my in-laws over more often
27. Take a dance class
28. Decorate our home for each season
29. Play basketball with Mark in the evenings
30. Play tennis with Mark in the evenings
31. Visit my mom
32. Read my devotional as part of my morning routine
33. Go to a concert
34. Cut the grass 1 time
35. Grow out my hair
36. Use what I have before buying more
37. Take a photography class
38. Take a cooking class
39. Follow through with my skin care routine
40. Finish any unfinished craft projects
41. Keep track of what I eat
42. Slow down; stop hurrying all the time
43. Write blog posts on a regular basis
44. Organize my recipes
45. Try 5 recipes from The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child
46. Go to Las Vegas
47. Take a cruise
48. Take time to relax and read magazines
49. Learn to embrace my spirituality
50. Take pride in my appearance, no matter what I weigh
51. Drink more tea instead of pop
52. Give myself permission to a nap 

53. Keep up with my email; respond to emails promptly
54. Take more photos of our daily life together
55. Use my Filofax to help me be more productive
56. Complete the "List It" book that I purchased as a craft project
57. Continue to substitute teach
58. Try playing golf
59. Do something nice for another person
60. Attend more community events
61. Take lunch to Mark more often
62. Talk/text my sister more often
63. Turn the bed down at night, something my grandma used to do
64. Volunteer once
65. Focus on building a warm, inviting home
66. Entertain at our home more
67. Spend more time enjoying my flowers and yard
68. Take a picnic with Mark
69. Complain less
70. Use my grandma as inspiration
71. Explore a new city in Indiana
72. Learn to edit digital photos
73. Give small homemade gifts or cards to friends on holidays
74. Be thankful
75. Try decorating cupcakes in fun ways
76. Say "I Love You" more
77. Order dessert first at a restaurant
78. Say little prayers when I need strength
79. Play with makeup and try new looks
80. Try nail art; have fun with nail polish
81. Learn to make 4 different casseroles for Mark
82. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch
83. Sew something
84. Go to a Bed and Breakfast
85. Go to the Sear's Tower
86. Collect seeds from my flowers this year
87. Play the entire game of Monopoly
88. Learn a new card game
89. Meditate in silence for 10 minutes during the day
90. Stay connected with the spirit of my grandma and grandpa
91. Make a new friend
92. Do something silly
93. Try boxing
94. Go to the Cincinnati Zoo
95. Do something child-like and carefree
96. Play in the rain
97. Leave little love notes for Mark
98. Learn to arrange fresh flowers in an artful way
99. Make a better effort to stay in touch with friends
100. Love myself, inside and out

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel, where you can watch my video introducing the 2013 Creating Your Incredible Life Workbook video:

Also, you can also watch the video in which I share and explain my list of 100 Things.

I am working on DOING the things on my list. Soon, I will be able to share my list again but with more things checked off, and my thoughts on what I did!

It's still not too late to make your list of 100 things to do; your list doesn’t have to be completed in 2013. It's never too late to dream... so get comfy, grab a pen and pad of paper and go to town!

If you have already made your list of things to do, how's it going? What are a few of the items on your list? Crossing anything off yet? Learning anything new about yourself in the process?

I would love for us to share our journey in accomplishing our 100 things! Leave comments! Interact with others! After all, we are in this life together, and there is no such thing as too much support! Let's lift each other up! Let's believe in each other!

If you would like more information about Leonie Dawson, her work and her workbook, please visit:  

*This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the workbook with my own money. All opinions are my own.*



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