Thursday, May 2, 2013

Part 2: My Trip in Pictures (April 10 - April 15, 2013)

After my wonderful visit with my mom, it was time to drive back over the mountains to my dad's house. I spent the second half of my trip with my dad, step-mom, and sister. We had plans to take a  mini family vacation to Vancouver, British Columbia for a couple of nights.

On our way up to Canada, we stopped at the Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon, Washington. We were blessed with the perfect weather, sunny and warm. There were tulip fields as far as they eye could see. It was breathtaking!


Me with my little sister, Madison.
Me and my dad.
After walking through the tulip fields, we got back in the car and headed for the Canadian border. We crossed the border into British Columbia, and shortly we arrived at our hotel in Vancouver. We enjoyed exploring the city, even though it rained the entire time we were there... 
We went to Robson Street to go shopping.
There was a LUSH, I couldn't resist doing a little shopping! 
We went to Granville Island. The market had beautiful
fresh produce!
I loved seeing the colorful fresh flowers.
Cases of delicious pastries...YUM!
To end the trip, Maddy and I had a girl's night. We did a fresh face mask
that we got at LUSH!
We had a great time. We rarely get the chance to take a vacation as a family, so it was wonderful to spend time together. The day after we got back from Vancouver, it was time for me to fly back to Indiana. It is always hard to say goodbye to my family, but I know I will see them soon!

When the plane touched down in Indy, I couldn't wait to see Mark. He was waiting outside of the soon as I saw him, I ran into his arms for a big hug! It was overjoyed to see him after being apart for 13 days!


  1. WOW!!!! You are right the tulips are absolutely breathtaking!! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time with your family and that you had safe travels.


  2. OMG, those tulips are just amazing! I still have not used or bought any Lush products. I want to though. I am so happy that you were able to get out of town and enjoy your family. I am happy that you are home safe and enjoying your yard. Hope we get to see a video soon! Hugs, Shelly