Thursday, May 30, 2013

100 Things To Do - Crossing Things Off!

Earlier in the month, I shared my 100 Things To Do in a previous blog post. I am happy to say that over the past 5 months, I have started to cross things off of my list! It is an exciting feeling to try new things or accomplish things that I have always wanted to accomplish but put off.
Life is a journey, you will probably get tired of hearing me say this...but, I have to constantly remind myself that it truly is a journey. Moreover, I want to learn to enjoy the journey. My list of 100 Things To Do has been a great tool and catalyst in this approach to life. Who would have though that dreaming up a list of 100 things you want to do would be so powerful? 
Let's get to crossing things off!

100 Things to Do in 2013:

1. Read Les Misérables

2. Go to a movie alone

3. Start reading the Bible (I am using YouVersion)

4. Organize all of my family photos

5. Try Yoga

6. Start a blog

7. Start incorporating exercise into my life
8. Start my weight loss journey (Joined Weight Watchers)

9. Be able to wear a size 10

10. Try cooking new recipes

11. Post YouTube videos on a regular basis

12. Go to a water aerobics class

13. Play the piano more

14. Journal more often

15. Take more baths at the end of the day

16. Develop printables to include on my blog

17. Eat at a restaurant alone

18. Go to church 5 times

19. Watch less television

20. Practice and brush-up on my French

21. Read 1 book in French

22. Read one of the great "Classics"

23. Continue exploring my creativity (Using new mediums to create! It’s FUN!)

24. Develop a better relationship with Mark's parents

25. Have date night once a week

26. Invite my in-laws over more often

27. Take a dance class

28. Decorate our home for each season (Loving the warmth it brings to our home)
29. Play basketball with Mark in the evenings

30. Play tennis with Mark in the evenings

31. Visit my mom (Wonderful trip in April)
32. Read my devotional as part of my morning routine

33. Go to a concert

34. Cut the grass 1 time

35. Grow out my hair (I can put my hair in a pony tail now!)

36. Use what I have before buying more (It feels good to not be wasteful)

37. Take a photography class

38. Take a cooking class

39. Follow through with my skin care routine

40. Finish any unfinished craft projects

41. Keep track of what I eat (Tracking my food for Weight Watchers)

42. Slow down; stop hurrying all the time

43. Write blog posts on a regular basis

44. Organize my recipes

45. Try 5 recipes from The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child

46. Go to Las Vegas

47. Take a cruise

48. Take time to relax and read magazines

49. Learn to embrace my spirituality

50. Take pride in my appearance, no matter what I weigh

51. Drink more tea instead of pop  (I gave up pop altogether)

52. Give myself permission to a nap (I am listening to my body and feeding it accordingly)

53. Keep up with my email; respond to emails promptly

54. Take more photos of our daily life together

55. Use my Filofax to help me be more productive

56. Complete the "List It" book that I purchased as a craft project

57. Continue to substitute teach (This school year is almost over, ready to sub in the fall!)

58. Try playing golf

59. Do something nice for another person

60. Attend more community events

61. Take lunch to Mark more often

62. Talk/text my sister more often

63. Turn the bed down at night, something my grandma used to do

64. Volunteer once

65. Focus on building a warm, inviting home

66. Entertain at our home more

67. Spend more time enjoying my flowers and yard

68. Take a picnic with Mark

69. Complain less

70. Use my grandma as inspiration

71. Explore a new city in Indiana

72. Learn to edit digital photos

73. Give small homemade gifts or cards to friends on holidays

74. Be thankful

75. Try decorating cupcakes in fun ways

76. Say "I Love You" more

77. Order dessert first at a restaurant
78. Say little prayers when I need strength (A powerful addition to my daily life!)

79. Play with makeup and try new looks

80. Try nail art; have fun with nail polish

81. Learn to make 4 different casseroles for Mark

82. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch

83. Sew something

84. Go to a Bed and Breakfast

85. Go to the Sear’s Tower

86. Collect seeds from my flowers this year

87. Play the entire game of Monopoly

88. Learn a new card game

89. Meditate in silence for 10 minutes during the day

90. Stay connected with the spirit of my grandma and grandpa (Now that I am open to their presence, I know they are with me.)

91. Make a new friend

92. Do something silly

93. Try boxing

94. Go to the Cincinnati Zoo

95. Do something child-like and carefree

96. Play in the rain

97. Leave little love notes for Mark

98. Learn to arrange fresh flowers in an artful way

99. Make a better effort to stay in touch with friends

100. Love myself, inside and out

I still have a lot more things to do, but I am enjoying the process and discovering a lot about myself along the way!

Are you guys participating in the 100 Things To Do? I hope you give it a try…so far it has been fun and enlightening.  

If you would like more information about Leonie Dawson, her work and her workbook, please visit:   

Also, you can check out my YouTube channel and watch my original 2013 Creating Your Incredible Life Workbook video and a follow-up video in, which I share and explain my list of 100 Things.

"What you get my achieving your goals in not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." ~Henry David Thoreau
*This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the workbook with my own money. All opinions are my own.*


  1. Audrey, Just wanted to come over and say "Hi". Found your blog thru your Youtube page. Love your videos (and now your blog posts)!! You have such a warm personality. We seems to have many things in common...I too suffer from Anxiety issues, have ever since I was in High Schhol. And I am 40 now. Thank Goodness they have improved thru the years but still have "flare ups". Not to mention, I too am a Midwesterner. Keep the videos and blog posts coming!! :)

    1. Thanks for the kind comment! I appreciate you visiting my blog! I hope you continue to enjoy it! :) Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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